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Monday, June 06, 2005


I don't know why, but like many others, I simply can't resist this photo.

What is it, well I found this in Brad's comments thread:

OK, according to artweld.blogs.com

What you see in that picture is ‘Bagger 288?, the world’s biggest bucket-wheel excavator, crossing the Federal highway 55, en route to Garzweiler in Germany.

Bagger 288 was build by Krupp and is owned by RWE Germany and it’s part of a fleet of 21. They use it for open cask lignite mining. The German word ‘Bagger’ means excavator or digger. It’s about 96 meters high and 240 meters long, has a weight of 13500 tons, it’s top speed is 10 meters a minute, and it is operated by just 5 people. /end quote/

There, it's a big open-pit coal mining rig.

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