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Friday, June 03, 2005

The Changing Pattern of Chinese Trade

These charts come here by a rather circuitous route. They were originally published by Jake Van der Kamp in the South China Morning post, and arrived here thanks to the fact that they were posted by Simon World and that I was alerted to this fact by Ivan.

My interest in them is not quite the same as Simon's, which was to examine the veracity of EU claims about textiles. The part I want to draw attention to is the rapid rise of machinery and equipment exports within the whole profile. This follows a claim I read (and posted about) from Arthur Kroeber, of China Economic Quarterly to the effect that “Since 2003, China has gone from being a net importer of capital goods to being a net exporter”. You can read more about this story in the FT, and if you want to find out about China's plans for car exports you could go over to Afoe.

Anyway, while it would still be fascinating to get more details on this, Van der Kamp's graph seems to confirm the argument.


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