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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bolivia In Crisis

I'm obviously enjoying myself with photos these days :)

The situation in Bolivia seems to get more complicated by the day.

Publius Pundit is covering the blogging side. Eduardo Alvarez is giving a good running commentary, Miguel Centellas worries about his mum and other issues from the comparative safety of the United States, and Nick Buxton has photos and good narrative description of the anecdotal details. And a good reflective analysis of what is going on comes from Miguel Buitrago at Mabb.

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The Prudent Investor said...

narconews.com, I know, quite an irritating name, has an informative file on events in South America. more aggressive is vheadline.com from Venezuela. Chavez also wants to establish a Latin American equivalent of Al-Jazeera. BTW, who finances CNN, certainly not the ad revenues.