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Sunday, November 16, 2003

Police bust at gigolo school

Police raided a Taipei gigolo training centre and charged school administrators for overcharging students. Officer Liu Tai-shun told The Apple Daily that the school's owners had inflated tuition costs by adding in expensive clothes and mobile phones.

During the raid police also seized fancy clothes, earrings and lecture notes as evidence. The school, in Panchiao, a suburb of Taipei, was also accused of having links to organised crime.

The school ran classified ads offering "well-paid moonlighting jobs" and had collected up to NT200,000 (US$5,900). The wannabe gigolos, or "male public relations workers" as they are called in Taiwan. were instructed on taboos at the bars, such as wearing white socks, smoking while walking or walking across the dance floor, the newspaper said.

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