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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

International Financial Architecture

I found Lloyd's post very interesting, not only as a fellow Bonoboer, but also being from Argentina [one of the countries where the IMF has the highest, if not the best, public profile] and a student of mathematics [with a keen interest in financial matters]. Besides, it seems (at least to an outsider) a reasonable political move, although it seems hard prima facie to identify a proposition that would satisfy at the same time financial interests and the broader anti-Bush "coallition" [in any case such an alliance is probably necessary, if anything else just to counteract the funds/influence gathering for the Republican party's 2004 campaign].

That said, I'm very curious about what documents (blueprints, primers, etc) about the international financial architecture Lloyd could point me to. I realize that interest isn't the same as knowledge (which in turn isn't the as understanding), and it's something I'd like to understand well.

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