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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Brussels Plans Services Single Market

It's funny, I thought we already had a single market, years ago. Apparently nearly 70% of the economy has been left out. Funny little secret that's been hiding under the bed, isn't it. (We do have a single currency, don't we? Or have I been imagining things). Should be good for the UK: it will give the Indian back-office continental reach.

The European Commission plans to open up the service sector by sweeping away unnecessary red tape for companies operating outside their home countries and reducing advertising restrictions. Draft legislation, seen by the Financial Times and due to be made public next month, calls for "the free movement of services between member states" and an end to barriers to companies in one European Union country setting up businesses elsewhere in the EU.

The service sector, which covers industries from architecture to accountancy and jobs from hotel manager to boiler-fitter, accounts for 70 per cent of the EU economy. However, it has lagged behind other sectors in creating a single market and has accounted for only 20 per cent of EU cross-border trade.
Source: Financial Times

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