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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Avian Flu Reaches Europe

The photo comes from this story about confirmation of the fact that the avain flu strain found in Romania is in fact H5N1. The photo purportedly shows birds being destroyed in the Romanian village of Ceamurlia de Jos, and is accompanied by the following caption: "Birds are incinerated at the Romanian village of Ceamurlia de Jos. The bird flu strain that has killed over 60 people in Asia was confirmed to have arrived on mainland Europe for the first time, adding urgency to crisis measures to stop a feared pandemic."

I don't really know what image the photo is meant to conjure up in our minds. It seems more like a contemporary art representation of the final judgement (definitely not 'The Last Supper'). If this kind of thing is meant to discourage people from panic, well...

Meantime I have some more sober assesments and debate on Afoe here (and in the comments).