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Monday, November 03, 2003

My Whilstlestop Tour of the Net

That, and the changing forms of human contact this seems to imply, formed the subject matter for my post Saturday post at Fisful of Euros. Today it's the weblogging Dutch Finance Minister Gerrit Zalm and the looming problems with the stability pact.

On another front the new Chinese portal, Living in China looks like an idea with loads of potential. Editorial comment on individual blog items on a day to day basis, plus automated RSS feed from the participating blogs.

Meanwhile zooming across the planet, and landing on another continent, I came across Miguel Octavio, wallowing in the Devil's Excrement. He seems to be fighting some kind of one man battle against Chavez:

Economy shrinks by only 8-9%

The Venezuelan economy shrank in the third quarter by 8-9% of GDP according to the Minister of Finance. According to the Government PDVSA is up to speed and the opposition did not stage any strikes or boycotts during the quarter or the previous ones. So how come it shrank? Maybe because they are using Chavez' profound economic statement, made two weeks ago while I was away "You don't need economic growth to improve the life of the poor". It shows.....

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