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Friday, October 17, 2003

Blogs and the Face of Journalism

Reuben on how things are changing:

Once again, Andrew pointed me in the direction of the excellent We Media website, which examines closely how participatory journalism is changing the face of journalism as we know it. I had myself posted on how blogs are changing some aspects of Journalism. As John commented, blogs had become some kind of short-to-medium term memory device whereby some stories refused to die. A lot more of the issues, from blogging to opinionisation of news to the future of peer-to-peer news is examined in great detail. Highly recommended if you are interested in the issues.

In the view of futurist and author Watts Wacker, the question is not about greater personalization but about greater perspectives. According to Wacker, the world is moving faster than people can keep up with. As a result, there are fewer common cultural references that can be agreed upon. Ideas, styles, products and mores accelerate their way from the fringe to the mainstream with increasing speed.

If participatory journalism has risen without the direct help of trained journalists or news industry initiatives, what role will mainstream media play? And are mainstream media willing to relinquish some control and actively collaborate with their audiences? Or will an informed and empowered consumer begin to frame the news agenda from the grassroots? And, will journalism's values endure?

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