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Saturday, March 01, 2003

The Way of All Flesh

Now its Red Herring's turn to rest in peace. Close family and friends invited, but I'm not sure where you send the flowers. Of course, without all that too easy money most of these outfits wouldn't have existed in the first place. How long before blogging becomes the whipping girl for all this? After all, from all the noise knocking around these days, I'm sure traditional journalism must be begining to feel the heat. When they begin to cry foul, that's when you know its reaching them. On the plus side, at least we've identified one more business model that definately doesn't work, and thinking of accumulated experience, since life is all about learning and experience, it's probably no bad thing to get lose your shirt once or twice along life's way. Oh well, one good thought, since blogging doesn't seem to be about money, there won't be a tap to get turned off.

Red Herring, the magazine that was considered a must-read among the technology elite, has closed, the latest victim of tough economic times. The magazine's publisher, RHC Media, reached the decision after unsuccessfully trying to sell Red Herring, the chief executive of RHC Media, Chris Dobbrow, said today. Red Herring's March issue, which was delivered to subscribers two weeks ago, was the final issue. The magazine had a circulation of about 275,000. RHC, which was formed last year after the venture capital firm Broadview Capital bought the magazine, plans to liquidate its assets, which include the Red Herring Web site, within the next few weeks, according to Mr. Dobbrow.At its closing, Red Herring had a staff of 31 workers.. In its heyday during 2000, Red Herring and its affiliates employed more than 300 workers. Founded in 1993, Red Herring focused on the venture capital community.
Source: New York Times

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