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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Something's Brewing in China

I owe this one to Living in China co-blogger Marcel.

A friend recently told me that he was happy to find Qingdao beer on sale at a small delicatessen in rural Oregon. This intrigued me because while you can find Budweiser (bai we) almost anwhere in China...Qingdao in America...I think not. So I did an informal survey and I found that (amazingly) Chinese beer can be found in many places....Amsteram (yes), Paris (yes), Tokyo (yes), Washington, DC (yes), Mumbai (yes). But apparently this has not been lost on others...as this article shows:

China has become an increasingly important battleground for the world’s leading brewers in recent years, a move which in no small part contributed to China overtaking the US earlier this year as the biggest beer market in the world. SABMiller, Carlsberg, Interbrew, Heineken and Anheuser-Busch are among the international players with a major presence in China, but one of them is on the verge of expanding its business there even further.

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