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Friday, December 05, 2003

Metamorfosis and the Bonobos

As everyone can see, today is a very quiet day here. It is fact the Bonobo national holiday. Only joking. But seriously, firstly I am in awe of Lloyd's last post. I am in awe of the fact that in this world where far too often nobody seems to give a damn, someone takes early retirement to give their time over to thinking about a problem that affects us all. I'll say more, it speaks loud and long about how deep in it we are when someone who you might - and no disrespect intended Lloyd - consider an afficionado, speculates about things which far too many highly paid 'experts' don't even dimly begin to understand. I think this is great. And I think this is why blogging should get more respect than it does.

On the substantive point I can only say: no comment. I am thinking about all this, but am a long way from thinking I have anything useful to say. Those who know me of old will realise I have already sent out for advice, from my brother, who - when I can manage to drag him away from the likes of Kleist and Novalis - is actually a superb mine of information and ideas on all this. The family consigliere.

Now on the where we go from here part, I have one thing to say: we go to debate. One of the reasons I am reasonably silent today is that I am working mightily on admin, admin which will mean that next week or the other one Bonobo Land will have a new format, an MT based one, with more structure than you can currently imagine, and one where these topics, and those like Chris's energy post can get the debate and discussion they deserve.

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