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Monday, December 01, 2003

The Great (and Nasty) Money Experiment

Greetings: please let me first introduce myself. My name is Sharon-Brigitte Kayser and I run an educational website which campaigns for sound currencies along with the reform of the global monetary system. If you are interested in signing this petition, please click here. We need 100,000 signatures by the end of 2004! This said, I am very grateful to Edward, the owner of this blog, to let me vent my frustrations and to offer me so graciously his valuable services as a columnist.

The Great (and Nasty) Money Experiment By James Jaeger summarizes it all. I sincerely cannot compete with his knowledge but James is someone I value a lot on many levels. James and I are Transhumanists and both envisage the death of money as a concept.

Here is what I have been pondering recently:
Taking the long view of history, Capitalism has existed only since the era known as the Renaissance (and possibly at some other very short periods of time throughout history). Capitalism,however, is dead forever. Even The Great Roman and Byzantine Empires succumbed monetary corruption. What is occurring today is not unique phenomenon at all. What does this mean? That Man is unable to deal with a fair monetary system. Extremely sad but so... the worldwide DEBT BOMB was bound to happen and it is most likely why we may expect a important philosophical shift in the next 50 years, a shift which will lead to the death of Money as a concept. Meanwhile, we need to support a strict gold/silver standard because we don't have any other solution.

I for one see the true futuristic society as money-free. With Nanotech making production costs very inexpensive, we'll all be rewarded according to our rank while every world citizen will be enjoying universal health care and teaching. The value of exchange called money will be replaced with services. When? This could take another 50-100 years from now, but that's the path I think we'll be taking. Feudalism and exploitation has been Earth's the cup of tea since the beginning of the ages, what do you think will happen when world citizens will finally come to their senses and decide to put an end to this atrocious illusion?

It is not far fetched to assume that the ensuing emotional shock (if/when it occurs) will be such (TOTALLY UNBEARABLE) that a major philosophical shift will not leave us any other way to counteract.

Having a monetary system within a society where knowledge can be accessed for free (due to the Mega-Computers take over) is NOT workable, History speaks for itself. We've got two choices: either predation leading to the possible extinction of the human race (economic wars and powerful weaponry are a deadly cocktail) or terminating the concept of money for a greater good. If we don't go that road, Mad Max or Blade Runner can well become a reality. Between profits and society..... we must chose?

ps: to read James' response to my view, please click on The Great (and Nasty) Experiment link where you too may be directed to our brand new forum if you'd like to discuss this exciting subject matter

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