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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The Problems of Finding a Wife in China

Another dimension in the 'demographic time bomb': China's shortage of women of marriageable age.

More boys than girls are born in China, making the gender ratio imbalance one of the most serious problems facing the rural population, a senior Chinese official said yesterday. For every 100 girls born in China, there were about 16 more boys brought into the world, according to national census statistics in 2000. In other countries, only five to seven more boys than girls are born. There are 70 million men in China who are unable to find wives. Men outnumber women as a result of the country's one-child policy which leads to many female foetuses being aborted as girls are traditionally discriminated against.
Source: Straits Times

BTW no apologies for using the 'demographic time bomb' expression. It obviously isn't mine, and I don't really like it. But I can't make up my mind who irritate me most, the people who dream up these expressions, or the people who love to cite them saying 'there is no such thing as..........' Well of course there is. Incidentally my thanks to Peking Duck for putting up the link. If you want to follow up this topic, you could start with this excellent post from Water , also found on Peking Duck (who oddly enough I now note is based in Spore). The quality of China blogging is on the up and up.

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