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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Is the BBC Fair and Balanced?

In the latest post from unbalanced and unfair blogger Edward Hugh, we could turn our attention to the latest reflection from the BBC concerning the apparent decline in popularity of one George W Bush. Meantime as Bush makes his 'no surrender' speech two more US soldiers lose their lives taking the number of soldiers killed in combat since the official end of hostilities above the number of those who died during the war.

US President George W Bush has said there will be no retreat from Iraq or from the war against terror.
Mr Bush was speaking to US military veterans as the number of American deaths since the end of major combat operations on 1 May surpassed the number killed during the war. The president has seen his popularity rating fall since the war ended, and if Iraq and the Middle East remain unstable, it could affect his chances of re-election. With a sluggish US economy, polls show that many Americans want Mr Bush to concentrate on domestic matters rather than the war on terror. What is the reason for President Bush's falling popularity? Are voters more concerned with foreign policy or domestic issues? If there was an election now, would President Bush win?
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