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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

On the Generation Gap Part II

Or how to follow in the bad footsteps of your father. Perhaps this should be subtitled: Sentimental Education, the difference between being young in Europe and being young in the US. More from my son on his literary-philosophical wanderings. Please bear in mind that this person is supposed to be taking advantage of his precious time studying medicine! (I think the ousider was the first real book I ever read, and this, like many things in my life, was a complete accident. It has always remained one of the most important).

I am enjoying a well earned rest and spending my time lying in the sun or playing footy. I am currently 40 pages into grapes of wrath and enjoying it (so far). the only other steinbeck i've ever read was 'of mice and men' which i thought was great. Following neitzsche's ramblings I've now moved onto a bit of heidegger which is not as interesting but equally taxing. I think i will eventually end up at satre and camus if i follow this road... but saying that, I read 'the outsider' about a year ago and i must confess it is probably the best book i have ever read. ha ha

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