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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

A dying Breed?

Margy is in melancholic mood today. She is reading the local newspapers and she doesn't care much for what she sees.

"No one goes on in this household
We are a dying Breed"

These days I often listen to this song from Lonesome Bob - a famous country singer in the USA. Probably because the Bulgarian media keep telling us:

In 2002 in Bulgaria there were 67,038 children born. As a comparison, in 1990, there were 105,180 new born kids. Infant mortality in 2002 was 887 (13.3 per 1 000). Death rates for 2002 - 112,617 (14.3 per 1000). In the year 2002 we have lost 43 000 people because of emigration (official figures, the reality is certainly a lot more). The id coeficient of natural population growth is therfore minus 5.8. Life expectance is 71.87. 2002 is the worse year in our modern history they say. You can find the official data here , in Bulgarian of course!

So, I just keep listening to Lonesome Bob.

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