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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Speaking Words of Wisdom......

Just a snippet in from Maynard. definitely no comment!!

I suppose you saw the following comment from the moron in chief:

Reuters: Bush was interviewed by Russia's RTR TV on Thursday. The transcript was released by the White House on Saturday. Asked about U.S. dollar policy, Bush replied: "The policy of my administration is for there to be a strong U.S. dollar."

When the reporter told Bush the dollar was not strong at the moment,

Bush replied: "Well, I understand that. And the marketplace is making decisions as to whether the dollar should be strong or not. Our policy is a strong dollar. And we believe that good fiscal and monetary policy will cause our economy to grow and that the marketplace will see a growing economy and therefore strengthen the dollar," he said.

"But you're right, the market, at this point in time, has devalued the dollar, which is contrary to our policy," he said.

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