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Thursday, June 05, 2003

On Blogging and the dissolution of Form

By a curious turn of events one idea has lead to another. Yesterday I visited a Kandinsky exhibition here in the Gaudi building "La Pedrera", and yes this is different from Liverpool, and, yes, we are lucky (Kandinsky is a master, even if my favourite is Chagall). Now the exhibition was entitled "Kandinsky: The Dissolution of Form". And this has started me thinking, is there a parrallel with blogging. You see, Kandinsky was looking for a new language, and new way of expresssing his inner world. Well, what the hell is blogging but a 'new language' at the meta-communicational level. For some we are just a narcissistic group of navel-gazers, who can't spell, and never bother to correct our texts. Whatsmore we are full of half thought out ideas. Well, isn't this exactly our strength. (This is, after all, my Beta 1.0 idea release concept).We can move quickly, and make enormous conceptual leaps. We make random connections, and from these random node connections, new ideas are born (actually I've a sneaky feeling that that is what goes on in our neuronal networks when we have a 'creative idea', but, oh, never mind. Now writing has always tried to catalog itself into a taxonomy of stylistic procedures, and now the boundaries are breaking, one minute formal, and heavy, the next close-up and intimate, it is the linguistic equivalent of that fushion of form and colour for which Kandinsky so strived. (Next week: what has all this to do with Fernando Pessoa?).

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