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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Oral Historian's Anxiety Syndrome

Margy is thinking out-loud which, I suggest, is what blogging is all about. This is my Beta 1.0 release proposal. We have put up the Bulagria blog both to draw attention to what is happening in Bulgaria (action research component) and to develop a new style of project work. Margy's methodology of using the messenger for ethnography is truly brilliant. Remember everyone, the price of information is coming down.

Reading today an article I understood what is my major problem! I have Oral Historian's Anxiety Syndrome (that panicky realization that irretrievable information is slipping away from me with every moment). I am sure this is the main push-factor to do my research-related-migrations, both in reality and by Internet tools. I just have realized that I am developing a new methodology in Cultural Anthropology. For now I call it “E-mail-ethnology”. Look for better name, please. My e-mail ethnology has initial problem with very important lack of supporting field-work related information: It does not carry inflections of voice and body language. People are structuring their messages, they are not in natural condition to talk in circles and tell fragments of the same story out of chronological sequence, as it is in real conversation. Will improve.

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