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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Our Future At Work

Obviously it's amazing what a difference a generation makes on how you see things. I just got this from my son in England.

Saw a fascinating programme on BBC 4 last night about the American Enterprise Institute and the neo conservatives also featuring my old mate richard pearle (i rate him!). No-body has a high opinion of Bush it seems (other than the un-educated masses who actually vote for him.... and lets face it they're the ones that count!).

So no matter what they say, for me Bush has the potential to be a great leader! don't laugh... Look, they want Reagan on that mountain (its name i forget-- with the other great US presies)! and if Bush keeps going, gets a few lucky breaks and keeps things dumb they might really love him. Especially when the marketing machine gets going for the next election. I am probably wrong but if he wins his battle against 'evil' and all the christian co-alition bunch seem to warm to him and his religious diatribe, he could get REAL popular. I mean Hitler was pretty bloody successful as a leader..... for various reasons, and dubious means i know, but he still managed to convince a nation to go to war and the brink of destruction... scrap that to actually destroy itself! Stalin you could argue the same (iron fist, feather touch and all the rest). Ceasar... queen elisabeth. Look they all ultimately left a mess after them but you have to concede they enjoyed enormous success at some point and so how else do we define leadership? Bush has a certain charm which he can use and if he's lucky could do bloody well for himself. i also don't think he is infact as stupid as everyone makes out either, people positively rip him to shreds over here for his supposed stupidity.

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