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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Justice and the Murky Hand of Politics

As I keep saying, I have no idea at all about the legal niceties of this case, but I do think that we should all find the insinuation that a public prosecutor will not institute an appeal process because of 'gevernment' desire to move ahead at Thessaloniki a profoundly disturbing idea:

A lawyer for Bank of France Governor Jean-Claude Trichet said on Thursday he had no doubt that the prosecutor would not appeal Trichet's acquittal in a bank fraud case. Bernard du Granrut said he had not been informed of any decision by the public prosecutor yet. "However given the government's desire to move ahead at the EU summit in Thessaloniki with the question of Mr Trichet's succession to the head of the European Central Bank, I have not the shadow of a doubt that there will be no appeal," he told Reuters.
Source: Forbes

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