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Thursday, June 19, 2003

News on the Immigration Front from Sweden

Europundit David Weman has news that things seem to be moving positively on the immigration front in Sweden. Curiously it seems to be being propagated by the Swedish 'right' and the 'greens', with the left parties defending the 'incumbents' reticent but quiescent. Here, any news is good news, but then Sweden always was a European 'outlier'.

This blog is all about underreported news, and here's something that's as far as I can tell haven't been reported at all in anglophone media:

Sweden is only a few years away from opening up the labor market to immigrants. All of the right wing opposition parties are for it, and so is the Green party; one of the two parties the Social Democratic government depend on for parlimentary support (The other is the commies, I'm sorry the Left Party. They're in a formal alliance, (not a coalition!), that covers most policy areas but not everything, since the soc dems wants to keep the commies at arm's length.).........
Source: Europundit

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