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Friday, September 05, 2003

Chip Sales on the Rise

Intel doesn't seem to be able to stop revising it's forecasts upwards these days, but look where the growth is coming from:

Intel, the world's largest semiconductor maker, on Thursday said strong microprocessor sales would enable it to reach the high end of its third-quarter sales forecast set just two weeks ago. The company said its latest revision was due to strong demand in its Intel Architecture business, which produces microprocessors for personal computers and servers. Intel said emerging markets were particularly strong..............Merrill Lynch has also upgraded its PC sales outlook on Thursday. The brokerage said PC unit sales would likely grow 7 per cent this year and 11 per cent in 2004, up from an earlier forecast of 5 per cent growth in 2003 and 10 per cent next year. Merrill also forecast that industry-wide PC sales would increase 4 per cent this year, compared with an earlier estimate calling for a 1 per cent decline.But the brokerage did not raise its outlook for Dell or Hewlett-Packard, the two largest PC makers, because growth was partly driven by "white box" PCs assembled and serviced by small generic computer companies.
Source: Financial Times

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