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Sunday, May 25, 2003

Blog Reading: It's Like A Sponge

Goodbye Laowai Goodbye is letting things get to him.

Been pretty fucking depressed lately. Haven't slept well at all the past several days, barely leaving the house, not shaving, wearing the same fucking clothes. Looked in the mirror this afternoon and barely recognized myself with all the stubble and the baggy, blood-shot eyes. Been talking with my high school friends, some of whom hadn't even graduated from high school, and they're talking about making six figures and buying houses and motorcycles. I'm wondering how the hell I'm going to get out of my mom's house. God, what the hell happened to me?

Part of the reason:

I'm thinking of cutting down on my blog reading. It's like a sponge; it can expand to however much free time I have. And do I really get anything useful from following the latest gotcha from Andrew Sullivan or Brad DeLong?

His solution:

I'll probably still check out the China related blogs just because catching up on the quoditian life of ex-pats out there is a bit more interesting than the latest predictable partisan harrangue about Beltway politics.

Actually Wayne knows a lot about cinema, and quite a bit about China. Go check him ou, he needs cheering up.

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