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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

A Modern Diary Might Be More Interesting to Posterity Than Most Novels

Well, as a somewhat simple minded person myself, I really like Eamonn's take on my post on Distributed versus centralised networks . Also thanks to Eamonn for drawing the Vienna BlogTalk conference to our attention. Speaking of my original, he says:

He's onto something here, and the growing buzz about blogs being used in business for project management and other collaborative tasks suggests that distribution is the key concept. More about this from me at a later date. Probably after my trip to the BlogTalk conference in Vienna at the end of May.

Diarist of the day: Siegfried Sassoon, 30 April 1925

"Talking (or being talked to) by Clifford Sharp after my club dinner, I put out one of my modest antennae in search of reassurance after the art of keeping a journal. But the editor of the New Statesman pooh-poohed the idea of any modern diary being important as literature. 'Pepys is the only existing masterpiece; there are no other diaries. And Pepys is great because he was that rarest thing, a man who could write and was a the same time a simple-minded man.' This rather dashed me, though he doesn't know that I am a diarist, and is probably unaware that I am somewhat simple-minded. I'd merely suggested that a modern diary might be more interesting to posterity than most modern novels."

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