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Thursday, June 20, 2002


"Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky marked the country's sovereignty holiday Wednesday by telling foreigners they don't belong in Russia.

"We must not keep uninvited guests. The Russian people have a right to be the master of their own country," he told a rally marking the holiday in the center of Moscow, the Interfax news agency reported. The holiday celebrates the day when Russia declared its sovereignty from the former Soviet Union.

"If you Asians and Africans are dying of hunger, Russia will take you, but we have the right to ask you to behave properly," Zhirinovsky, a prominent lawmaker, was quoted as saying. "You have seen how people live in a civilized country. Now go home, build more schools and hospitals and have one or two children, but no more."

Zhirinovsky's comments came while the country feels heightened fears of extremist violence. Russian skinheads have threatened a "war against foreigners," and last month a woman was injured by an anti-Semitic sign on the side of the road that blew up when she tried to remove it."
Source: Associated Press LINK

Russia's population, it will be recalled is set to DECLINE from 145 million to 104 million (approx) between now and 2050. No comment required.

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