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Thursday, June 20, 2002

[5/26/2002 4:44:10 PM | edward hugh]
One small step for mankind, but a hell of a great leap for me.

(or should it be a small step for me, but what a leap for mankind, I think all this confusing talk of HTML etc is turning my mind, where's the bottle of asprins....).

[5/26/2002 4:11:37 PM | edward hugh]
hello world


I've been going just over a week now so perhaps its time for some acknowledgements. This would obviously not be possible without Blogger, so thanks to Ev. Nor would it have been anything like so easy without O'reilly and their Essential Blogging Public Review which I strongly recommend.

Of course nothing in life was meant to be completely problem free, so here are my brief observations (for what they're worth) on Chapter Two: Hosted Blogging with Blogger.

In general I found it extremely easy to get going just following the instructions - and it's important to remember here that I'm someone that - due to an apparently incurable case of writer's block (cured by blogger???) has never used an on-line publishing tool before. I have, however, done plenty of directed and undirected surfing over the years, and this brings me to my first point, under the section 'Managing Your Posts', it is suggested that it's better to work in an off-line text tool like notepad. My impression is another one, before starting to surf, open you edit blog post page, and hack in entries as you go. No for the tricky bit, use the paste/copy feature of the mouse button to create a virtual version before pressing that risky post and publish button, I think you'll find this more dynamic. (Who was it that said out of the mouths of babes and children).

In the section Adding and Formating Entries perhaps more explanation is needed. For example what is CSS styling, and what are span tags and div blocks. Then again when explaining the use of the link creation button, perhaps it could be useful to point out to the unlearned like me that you ineed to insert the word link (or whatever) inside the body of the link. Then you could include a paragraph about how to indent text in HTML, and come to think of it where to find a good on-line HTML manual. Like HERE

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