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Friday, December 02, 2005

The ECB, The Yield Curve and Central Bank Independence

I have just posted on all these topics:

The Most Bizarre Monetary Policy DecisionOf Recent Times?

Central bank independence seems to be once more ’a l’ordre du jour’, and the ECB may well live to find to its cost that there is one thing worse than actually playing the game, it’s playing the game and losing. Now why? Continue reading #

More Pressure on the Yield Curve

One of the things about targeting expectations, and factoring-in changes, is that the world moves on at a very rapid clip these days. So the ECB rate rise in now, really, yesterday's news. The big issue today is the fact that the easing cycle in the eurozone may already be over (we need to see the data going forward before we can be sure about anything here). Continue reading #

Locking Swords

I'd simply love to be a fly on the wall in London this weekend. The G7 finance ministers are about to meet the central bankers, and as in by now well known, these two groups haven't exactly been hitting it off too well lately, at least, and better said, in Germany and Japan they haven't. Continue reading #