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Friday, May 06, 2005

US Job Growth Robust

Well, some better news to add to the rather mixed and even gloomy recent US data:

U.S. employers created a surprisingly large 274,000 new jobs in April and added more workers in each of the two preceding months than first thought, the Labor Department said on Friday in a report that may ease fears about economic growth.

The April jobs total far outstripped Wall Street economists' expectations for 170,000 new jobs. Further underlining the surge, the government said 93,000 more jobs were created in February and March than it previously reported -- 146,000 in March instead of 110,000 and a whopping 300,000 in February instead of 243,000.

The unemployment rate, however, which is calculated from a separate survey, was unchanged at 5.2 percent in April.


Anonymous said...

Hello Edward,

Long time no speak. I've been missing your perspective on the world, especially LatAm. Can you drop me a line at sageorge at gmail dot com? I'm back in the UK these days.



Edward Hugh said...

Hi Stephen, nice to hear from you. You have the 'honour' to be the first to comment on my Bonobo 'relaunch' which I am just playing around with at the moment.

I will mail you over the weekend.