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Friday, September 26, 2003

You Gotta Blog: You're Fired

Chi-Chu Tschang is a Chinese American in Beijing. He just got fired by Bloomberg. His apparent 'crime', he has a blog.

I got fired from Bloomberg today because of this web site. I'll post more about it later but I need to start networking like mad now and find a job. If anybody knows of any job openings, email me.

Spent most of this weekend updating my resume, preparing clips and meeting with friends in the journalism business. (Just realized that I got the dates of employment in the old version of my resume I sent to Bloomberg. Oops.) One of the Reuters reporters mentioned that he also had a blog but the company asked him to take it down. I'm starting to wonder how many other journalists around the world have had to take down their blogs because their employers are scared of litigation or authoritarian governments. At least Reuters didn't fire the guy.

Tschang mentions the case of another reuters journalist, which makes you want to ask: just how much of this is going on? Now I've seen blogs criticised for many things, but I never thought we be seen as a real menace by the press. Well I take that back, I didn't think this was going to happen just yet. As I keep repeating, blogging is good practice. So one day some of the bloggers are going to get to be better than the 'professionals'. So Blumberg was either being extremely mean, or extremely perceptive. I just can't work out which.

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