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Monday, August 18, 2003

Tweaking the Template

Having had a number of comments about how my page looks a lot smaller on browsers other than IE, I've been playing with the template. Since I only know the rudiments of HTML this has been a rather time consuming and hit and miss affair. I use a sort of modified Humean empirical induction procedure (Hume, not being a radical empiricist, held that you didn't need to experience all the colours in the spectrum individually to know they were there, once you have the higher order notion of 'spectrum' the rest is plain sailing - or so they say. Mendeleev used a somewhat similar procedure with the periodic table I guess). So I know there is some sort of structure in the template 'somewhere' and just try playing around until I find out what does what. To sing the much maligned Blogger's praises for a moment, the new blogger tool has made life much easier for the amateur in this context, since you can preview the results of your 'trials and errors' directly from the template page without going through all the rigmarerole of publishing, seeing the result, and then going back to sort the mess out as we had to in the good ol days (last year to be exact).

You will notice (I hope) immediately that the page now looks wider on all browsers - this is the cop-out solution, the other, more 'tech savvy', one would have been to sort out the bug which IE exploits to make the page wider (thanks to Frank for explaining this to me). So now all non IE users will have the page I originally wanted, and the IE users among you will see a 'new look' version. Only one snag: I don't know whether I like it or not. Still there is always the 'shock of the new' effect, maybe in a day or two it will seem like it has always been this way. Anyway I like making changes. What was it they said: when you stop changing you're dead. What I would really like to do is make a complete break, but for that I'm waiting for something new to come along that really takes my fancy. Bottom line: do you find it better or worse? Feedback welcome.

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