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Monday, July 21, 2003

In Lighter Vein

Seeing Margy in somewhat melancholic mood back home in Bulgaria with lonesome Bob, I wrote to try and cheer her up. The gist of the mail was the following:

Cheer up. I have a title for a book:

'Bulgaria the First Virtual Country'.

You are the new chosen people. Chosen to show the way to the rest. And your people are and will be strong, strengthened by all the suffering. (I am in Nietzschean mood today! - probably the imminence of holidays).

I feel well with them, they are much better adapted to the new future than many other Europeans.

To which Margy replies:

What a difference the field work has made !!!!!!
Lovely title for a book - inpatient to write and read it.

The essential point is that if we really get into trouble, could there be an evolutionary advantage in always having your bag packed and being ready to move on!!!

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