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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Holding Out For a Hero

Now all the sons of warlike Greece surround
Thy destined tomb and cast a mighty mound;
High on the shore the growing hill we raise,
That wide the extended Hellespont surveys;
Where all, from age to age, who pass the coast,
May point Achilles' tomb, and hail the mighty ghost.

I'm off to Valencia tommorrow, in search of a hero, or heroine - so blogging the next few day will be 'light'. I'm going to start some research to try to discover why the hell so many well educated Bulgarians are ending up in a dreary one-horse town, in the backwoods of the Spanish province of Valencia. I say I'm looking for an early adopter, and Margy says I should call him a hero, the first to leave, the first to arrive, the one who pulls all the rest in the process of chain migration. I would call him the modern Achilles.

routine1234: Ok let's go to the project a minute. My end was going to be the networking part.
margy_joy: OK
routine1234: In the first place I want to begin to try and study how these accumulations of people occur.
margy_joy: good
margy_joy: Who is the Hero - in terms of culture and creation of new place
routine1234: Tell me more about the Hero idea
margy_joy: ok - the "Hero" this is a great emigrant ideology -
margy_joy: the first one who made Conqista - and succeeded
margy_joy: It means - who survived - to be honest, and who find the way to start network
routine1234: Yep, I really like this idea, and it reminds me of Achilles and his tomb
margy_joy: I mean - who invited his people - brother, friend and started chain migration
margy_joy: I have some data about first one in Strasburg PA - now he is Achilles
routine1234: Strasburg PA?
margy_joy: And the Hero is someone at the top of local community.... until next one is getting Rich - then they split
margy_joy: Strasburg Pensylvania, USA - my Pomacs are there between Amish people - can you imagine
routine1234: It's funny, how some cultures maintain the memory of immigration and interet it differently from others
margy_joy: yes - the mythology is the same
margy_joy: does not matter if you are Cadmus - to start a new city - or you are John and you start in Madrid

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