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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Brotherly Advice

Paul K is on holiday in France, and my brother writes with reflections on this and other interesting topics (including my obsessive indulgence of 'idees fixee').

Has K gone into Courbet-like exile in the Jura, the destruction of Friedman being like the destruction of the Vendome Column for which like the Anaximander fragment says he must pay penance due to the ordinance of time?.........

What sort of feedback do you need by the way? Remember the Internet is not the most effective sort of feedback. It is too time consuming.

What qualities do you need? For instance one of your great strengths may also be a weakness. You have the ability to follow an idea relentlessly to its logical conclusion. Yet sometimes this becomes an idee fixee with you, whereas thinking a bit outside the box at the beginning may point you in a more fruitful direction to help you with the PROJECT. This is why a social environment in addition to the Internet is very good, since you can bounce ideas in a more informal way.........

In short, you are due your vacation I think shortly. You have come a long way and done wonders in a short space of time. Just take a breather and do some Blue Skies thinking as we used to say in the trade (rough trade at that). A bit of PROJECT management.

Bottom line: less obsessions and more holidays.

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