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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Federalist or Supranationalist?

Europundit David Weman has a new-look Moveable Type blog, and he's very happy with it (will I be the last to leave blogger? I thought I was always the first to bail out if the ship started sinking!). He's asking about the difference between supranationalism and federalism. As I understand this I am an anti-euro federalist living in a small nation without a state (Catalonia, again, in neither case am I sure whether I'm simply first in or am about to become last out). I would be happy enough with the euro if we had the USE up and running, although I think we'd still have to sort something out about the language.

People often confuse two issues that are quite distinct from each other: The level of integration - Should X be decided on the EU level or the national level? and the level of supranationalism/intergovernmentalist debate (Should X be decided by the Parliament/the Commission/the ECJ vs. The Council of Ministers?)...........

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