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Friday, May 23, 2003

Why I Think Information Costs Just Came Down

Some may think my argument that the arrival of the internet invalidates the old Paul Romer model of high front-end research costs is somewhat tendencious. I beg to disagree. Exchanging information has never been cheaper, and those of us who share, well we're going to win-out in the end, now aren't we. We have, my friends, the evolutionary advantage. Some of you may recall, that three weeks ago I posted about my concern for Bulgarian immigrants here in Spain. Today I received this from Margarita in Bulgaria. Long live the information revolution!

Dear Prof. Hugh,
I've just found your web-page and I'm really impressed! My name is Margarita Karamihova. I am an ethnologist, recently working on emigration from Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria. One point of my research is related to emigration of Bulgarian-Muslims /Pomacs/ to Spain. Here you find enclosed an example in one municipality . My previous contacts with colleges from Spain have shown than there are no researches on Bulgarian immigrants there. I'll high appreciate to have any of your articles on Bulgarian immigrants in Spain.

Any other interested parties out there, please feel free to join in.

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