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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

The World As Blog and Representation

I always thought that blogs invented the world by commenting on it (the point isn't only to change the world, it's to change the world by interpreting it, the means is everything) : the world being a series of points of will and intellect as reflected through the web-loggers golden eye section as it were. Now I discover that the best way to understand web-logging is to read books about it. Am I missing something? For those new to the weblog and reluctant to leave the nice, comforting world of paper and ink, or those in narcisisstic voyeur mode, or those who simply didn't have anything better to do at the time in question:

I HAVE just ploughed through the first five books devoted to an Internet art form that fascinates me and may well be unknown to you. Where to start? Say for the moment that the weblog - a log of the World Wide Web, as it were - can be personal publishing at its most liberating, an online guide through the thickets of the Internet, a journal or diary, easily updated and nestled in a global neighbourhood. It can be fresh and unpredictable, still something of a mystery to the American weblog pioneers of the 1990s who populate these books. "For every generalisation you make," says Cameron Marlow, creator of a weblog index, "there are a thousand new weblogs to undermine your theory."
Source: AustralianIT

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