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Sunday, November 24, 2002

I Suppose Attack is Always the Best Defence

Yes, attack is a common form of defence, especially when you've got something to hide:

The president of the Miss World Organisation, Julia Morley, angrily blamed the international media for the collapse of plans to host the pageant in Nigeria.

"Quite honestly, you - not individually - but you as a group, you pulled Nigeria down and you allowed Nigeria to be humiliated," Morley told reporters at the pageant's Abuja hotel base.The Miss World party was due to leave the hotel later in the night to board a private charter plane to take it to London, the new venue of the show's December 7 grand finale, a Miss World spokeswoman Stella Din said. Morley said that the show had been forced to pull out following a barrage of negative publicity, first over northern Nigeria's use of the Sharia Islamic law code then over a bloody series of anti-Miss World riots.

In particular, Morley took exception to stories which appeared in the international press about the use of amputation as a punishment by Islamic courts in northern Nigeria. At least three convicted thieves have had their hands cut off in northern Nigeria since the region began reintroducing the Sharia in 1999. Earlier this month rights lawyer Hauwa Ibrahim told reporters that 13 more people, including nine children under 18, were waiting in jails in Sokoto and Katsina state to have their hands chopped off. Morley said this story had been "created" and demanded journalists apologise. But the contest boss also tried to see a silver lining in the pageant's curtailed visit to Nigeria. "We've got massive and wonderful footage of Nigeria and we're going to use it at the final in London," she said.
Source: The Age

The incredible thing is that some people are so stupid, and so insensitive, they don't even realise when they incriminate themselves. What a tragedy, what a waste of human life, what a disgrace for 'western' values. It would be just a coincidence, wouldn't it, that there is a lot of oil in Nigeria. No comment!

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