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Tuesday, October 29, 2002


The deep and profound changes that are taking place in China right now, are perhaps best summed up by this timely piece in the FT:

The power behind China's emergence as the workshop of the world resides within people like Liu Hongmei, a 19-year-old with ruddy cheeks and a floral headscarf who recently stepped off a bus in the booming southern city of Zhuhai.

She has come from an impoverished village in the central province of Hunan, motivated by her parents' entreaties to earn enough to pay for her brother's schooling and by her own insight that her marriage prospects would improve if she managed to save something."If you want to marry a man with money, you have to have money yourself," she says. "The dragon accompanies a dragon, the phoenix a phoenix and the son of a poor rat will forever dig holes."
Source: Financial Times

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