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Sunday, August 18, 2002


Well, I'm back after my ritual summer visit to colorful Provence, and I've put on my favourite pair of shorts coz it's damn hot here in Barcelona at the moment. I've been able to do this since it's nice and early and my wife is still in bed. The only thing near to a serious argument we had on holiday was when she wanted to throw them out with the last load of rubbish before we got in the car to come back. I won't go into any of the numerous problems they suffer from, anyone who has spent any time in a UK university will be only to familiar with the tribe of male staff members who stubbornly persist in wearing their favourite pullovers well past the expiry date. I'm sure most of them have wives (or partners) at home who are none to happy either (my god, I hope no-one is going to construe this as another example of the wicked-mother-in-law stereotype).

Well anyway I'd better get on with it while the going is good, so, as they say, let the blog continue!

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