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Friday, January 19, 2007

GEM, The New Global Economy Weblog

I have been a little quiet in recent days as I have been working away on a new project. It has a name: Global Economy Matters.

GEM is a group weblog devoted to following issues related to the global economy. Participants in the main are macro economists. The participants on the blog have really come together around the idea that understanding individual country economies increasingly involves understanding the global context in which they operate. Hence the name.

Posts to date are:

Devil May Care: Can Heterodox Policies Co-exist With or Become a Limited Part of Free Market Systems? by Aninda Mitra

The US Economy In Perspective by yours truly, and...

Structural Drivers of Global Macroeconomic Imbalances
by Claus Vistesen

1 comment:

John Booke said...

Edward it seems like oil is slowly being unmasked the global imbalance culprit. What happens to the imbalance if oil prices drop off edge. Then could we rebalance without a lower USD and without a better European and Asian consumers?